Every time I go to the shopping mall or coffee shop, I can feel a relaxing sensation that makes me comfortable and relaxes at the same time. After I came back home, the strange thing is that I never feel the same as when lounging in the mall. My house is clean and fresh more than any fancy department store, but there is something that makes it does not feel like the same. Then I realize that the reason why is because of my house’s lack of a delightful fragrance. I research and also try many ways to create a scent, which can make my house become nice and smelling better than ever. But nowadays, when there are a lot of air freshener products with many designs and effects, choosing a suitable one is not an easy task for me or anyone else. With this article, I would like to share some feelings and experience of mine about some air fresheners for a home that I have used so you can understand some unique features to choose the right one for your house, too.



The table below is a summary of two air freshener types, which are very popular, easy to use, and bring out the most effective that I have used before. In today’s article, I would like to share about the special features, the pros, and cons of these two types. With each class, I will include a specific example of a brand.

Air freshener review
Febreze one fabric and air freshener
According to the information I have looked upon the social network, Febreze is a brand of household odor eliminator manufactured by Procter & Gamble since 1998. The brand carries with it a mission that is providing the most effective air freshener product for the house and becoming the solution for people who dislike any type of air freshener with a strong smell. Some example of advantages of Febreze includes no strong fragrance, no chemical, and dye, etc. (Click for more information about Febreze’s products). Before buying, I have researched this product from many sources such as friends, other buyer’s reviews on commercial websites. Most of the buyer claims that Febreze can help us to cleanse and purify the air effectively without making us feel tired because of the strong fragrance like other products. That is why I highly recommend Febreze’s air freshener for safety and convenience when using it.
Things I love about spray type air freshener:
When using this air freshener product, I admitted that this product makes me satisfied in four points:
Low space consuming
Various choice of sweet and relaxing fragrance
Large vapor
Variety using
For the exterior design, Febreze has a standing spray bottle-shaped with a not-so-outstanding size. I can easily place the bottle on any locations like the top of the table, shelf because the container does not consume a lot of space in the house.
With a capacity of 300ml, I can use the product with a longer time than any other air freshener products. For everyday use, the product can last for a month. It also depends on the size of your house and what purpose you use for.
One thing which I love about this product is the great design for cleansing and deodorizing the room. Instead of using a pressed button for dispensing the fragrance mist, Febreze uses a pulled lever for easier practice. The bottle sprays a light mist that vapors to every location inside the room, from the floor to the ceiling high above. The pulled lever helps to make the work even more efficient since you can walk around the room and keep pulling the lever to release the mist continuously.
With all of these advantages, this product can be used in any place like bathroom, car or bedroom, etc. with any purpose like when your toilet is smelling or car giving out a terrible odor. The Febreze One fabric and air freshener can repel any kind of odor.
Things which make me consider when buying
These are some elements which I think the Febreze air freshener spray should improve to make their product better in the future:
The convenience when using the product
Lingering duration
Because this is a spray-type air freshener, it is mean that they cannot automatically activate by themselves. It needs my activation to work out its wonderful effect. This means when the house is full of odor, I have to go around the house to spray the entire house to get rid of the smell. This can be troublesome since I do not have much energy to work this out after a tiresome working day.
The main job of this product is to spray fragrance mist into the air also a disadvantage. The mist cannot linger for a long time; it will disperse quickly in a short time. The aroma only exists in the house in approximately three hours.
Glade scented gel Jasmine scent:

Glade scented gel Jasmine scent
Glade scented gel Jasmine scent

When talking about air freshener gel, that always reminds me about the brand of Glade. First introduced in 1956 by S.C. Johnson & Son brand of household air freshener, Glade has a wide choice of product from aerosol spray to a scented candle. One of them is scented gel, which is a unique product of this brand. Whenever I choose to buy scented gel for my house, I often pick the Glade-brand scented gel.
In general, the scented gel can prevent the odor in the house by spreading the aroma from the block of gel into the air. This product also has its pros and cons in different ways, which I will list below.
Things I love about scented gel
For advantages of scented gel, there are three points which make this product more unique than any other line of scented gel:
Consuming less house space
Saving time and energy
Long-term fragrance
Can be used many times before run out of the gel
The design of scented gel often keeps as a rectangle-shaped box or cylinder-shaped can. This design is small and does not consume a lot of space in your house. When looking for the image of this product on the internet, I used to wonder if the size of the box is good enough to place it in my house. After I bought it, my question has been resolved in no time. I can place the scented gel box in any location despite how small the place is.
The scented gel can help me to save time and energy from all the air deodorizer jobs every day. You may think about how a small box can save time and energy more efficiently than anything else. The answer is simple. With scented gel, all you need to do is open the dispensing cap on top of the box and let the fragrance released into the air naturally. You can sit on the sofa and enjoy your favorite TV show or chat with your friend while the scented gel works out its magic to cleanse the atmosphere around the house.
According to many buyers, the scented gel’s aroma can last longer than an air freshener spray bottle. After half a day, I can smell the fragrance still linger in the room when using Glade scented gel. After a hard-working day and don’t want to do anything else, a scented gel is the best choice for a busy person like me.
The duration of using this product can be last for a long time. Because the scented gel is a concentration of many types of essential oil and aroma, which make it can be used many times more than the spray bottle. One scented gel can be used in approximately five months, depending on the size of your room.
Cons which make me feel uneasy
There is only one problem with any lines of scented gel, that is:
You have to be mindful about using the product:
Since this a scented gel air freshener, you only need to pull up the cap and let the scent flow out from the gel block inside. This is also a disadvantage for this product because you have to be very careful when adjusts the height of the cap to change the amount of fragrance released into the air. If you forget to low down the cap, then the effect of the gel can be to overwhelm, which can make you feel uncomfortable. This also happened to me once when I left the cap at the highest point to deodorize my room faster while taking a small bath. After I came out of the bathroom and lay down for a quick nap for 15 minutes, I feel like my nose is a little bit rasps, and the smell is too much to bear. Then I realize that I forgot to close down the scented gel cap to stop the fragrance. That is why you should be careful not to forget closing the cap after use to prevent any threats for your health.
So, which is the best air freshener for your house?
The answer depends on your choice and lifestyle.
If you are an active person who wants to take care of every aspect of your house to be clean and shiny, then the spray type air freshener is the perfect choice for you to cool down the house air. In contrast, if you do not have much time to spare for any cleaning work, the scented gel can be suitable for you. Remember, each type of air freshener which we list here can have their good and bad things. If we use these products carefully, our houses can become a nice place for us to stay and get away from all the stressful matters outside. (Click to choose your favorite home’s fragrance)
I hope this experience can be useful for your reference to choose the right air freshener product for your house. And you will answer your question: How to keep house smelling good.

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