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Today, we will continue to talk about some methods of naturally deodorizing house. The ingredient is not something so strange to us all, but they all come from our sweet mother nature and very easy to find. If you are an orange-lover, this recipe today wills the right one for you. You will be amazed by another use of orange not just for eating but also for deodorizing your house thoroughly.

air freshener orange
air freshener orange



Orange or its relative, mandarin orange, contains a lot of nutrition, which is good for our health, such as vitamin C, fiber, vitamin B1, etc. These are some of the most nutritious elements for maintaining your health and even your beauty. This is why many homemakers always choose orange as an excellent dessert for their family after dinner. These significant benefits are the first cornerstone for me to research and use orange as a deodorizing element.

This just like a coincidence that one day, I forgot one of my half-used orange in the fridge. After a week, when I clean my fridge, as usual, I found out the inner area of the refrigerator has a very delightful smell came out. When I noticed the orange, it made me think of an idea for a deodorizing liquid. I studied some ways to extract the essence of orange through some methods that I learn on the internet or from my friends. The result is this wonderful recipe which I will share with you in a moment. Believe me! This recipe works out more okay than I could hope for in the beginning. And the ingredients are surprisingly natural to come with, too.

All you have to do at first is, of course, buy yourself an orange or two. Orange can be bought from any grand supermarket or typical fruit shop near your place. I prefer to buy them from a local market since the fruit there is fresh every day without picking an old fruit. If you can afford an organic orange, there is nothing better to improve this recipe’s quality since organic fruit can have finer essential oil than those grown by chemical fertilizer. Before using it, when you buy an orange, make sure to wash it carefully with a mixture of water and baking soda to eliminate any threats for the health like fine dust, bacteria or pesticide, etc. Then you can serve the orange to your family in any way that you desire most (orange juice, eat the orange fresh is some of the most popular styles in my country). Don’t forget to keep the orange peel for later use since this recipe only utilizes the skin more than the fruit itself. After that, you remove all the remaining seeds and anything left of the orange from the peel entirely. The second step is to put all of the peel into a small bag made from flannel, or if you don’t have some fabric in advance, a small bowl is a fine choice for you. Doing all of these work sometimes can be tiring and time-consuming, but the lingering scent of orange in the air around you can erase any fatigue inside your body immediately. 

The third step is simple than anything you ever do in your life; place the bag or bowl of orange peel in your fridge. The fridge, which is full of odor and the terrible smell of meat and fish, can be deodorized within just a day. You can use this recipe differently than this, which is drying the orange peel entirely, then you can burn the dried skin to create some house-made aroma incense. This method can be used for a large room without worrying about the size of your room. Within 15 minutes after lighting the peel, your room can be filled with a sweet and sour aroma, just like you are staying in an orange farmhouse. This can be the most delightful moment after a long day of hard-working with your body contact with lots of toxic fume of the outside world. The aroma can help you relax and enjoy your life even more.


You should consider the recipe that I share: “They are not practical for a busy woman who always doesn’t have much time to spare for these tasks.” The same thing also happened with me since preparing for a recipe like this is impossible if I feel tired and exhausted after 9-hour long of paperwork. Like the previous article, I will also recommend some of the best air fresheners for the house you can find at any shop. The last time, I have introduced an excellent product from Glade brand, so today, I think I will show another famous air freshener brand: Air wick.

Air wick sticks up small space air freshener sparkling citrus.

I choose this product for this article because this product has a beautiful and sweet scent of citrus, which is very familiar with the smell of orange. Another thing is because the size of this air freshener tool is amazingly small, which raises a question of how a little something like this can deodorize a whole room. Please don’t underestimate how tiny it is because the amount of condensed aroma oil inside it is enough to cleanse a large room. After buying this product, at first, I feel a little bit worry, too. Then I realize this is an excellent choice for my house and family.

Air wick stick
Air wick stick

Air wick stick-ups air freshener has some plus points which I highly appreciate:

  • Easy to preserve
  • Can be used in any space
  • Longest lasting air freshener

The design of this product, like I write down before, is very small. It has the small round-shaped, which makes us think of a tiny piece of soap you can hold in your palm. Thanks to this convenience shape, I can place this tool in any place, no matter how small. It could be inside a wardrobe, under your work desk or between the furniture, etc. I usually place this tool inside my bedroom to enjoy some sweet and sour orange aroma when I cannot prepare an orange peel bag. The device also works out its magical property when I use it inside my car. The tangy, sour smell of orange disposes of any odor of sweat. It helps me feel more relax and even prevents the car sickness of some of my relatives whenever we have a drive-out at the weekend.

How long does the aroma last for this specific air freshener tool? The answer can be different depending on your room’s size or the place you want to place the machine. Still, it varies from three to four-hour for each time you open the cap to release the aroma. With a long duration, the tool can be used for about one and a half months before the condensed oil inside runs out. In that way, you can save up a lot of money to afford more of the product to use frequently since you only need to change the product occasionally.

However, this excellent little air freshener tool packs with some minus points in it, too. For example, it is:

· Can only be used for a single room.

Because of this product’s small size, it can only be placed in a single room and deodorize that room alone. If there is a wall block off, the aroma cannot pass through to cleanse the next room. This means that you have to place a single tool for each room in your house to achieve the cleansing and deodorizing effect for the whole place. This consumes a bit more money when I spend some air freshener items. I hope that Air wick can find out a way to increase the spreading effect of the aroma shortly so that we can only use one of these products to cleanse a much larger area.

Air wick oil diffuser mist refills, Mandarin and sweet orange

In the past articles, I have introduced some of the most favorite essential oil for air fresheners of mine. Today, I once again recommend another one of these beautiful essential oils you can use on an aroma diffuser. To achieve a room full of citrus smell, we can use the Air wick oil diffuser mist refills with mandarin and sweet orange flavor.

For some notable strong points of this fresh product, we have:

  • Large vaporization
  • Light and the sweet scent of citrus
  • Cooling and cleansing the air around you at the same time.

The first thing you need to do is put some essential oil into an aroma diffuser to use this product. Then you turn on the machine and let the mist pour out of it to cool down and deodorize your room in no time. The aroma will be blended in with the fog for the cleansing effect while the mist will cool down the temperature and ease your body in every way. Each time, you only need to drop in about three drops of the oil. That is enough to make your whole room filled with all the sweet smell of an orange garden. Thanks to this essential oil, now you can relax every night at home, put on some fruit mask for your skin treatment, and lay down on a sofa to feel like a customer of a spa center. There is nothing better than that moment.

In contrast, this product also has some issues which can hind its incredible potential. The first is because this is an only essential oil, so it cannot be used without an aroma diffuser. This means you have to spend some money on a device to make this product work out its potent property. The aroma diffuser also consumes a small place on your table to clean up the surface to place it on. Compare to a little scent wax, this machine is a different matter, which I have to find a way to resolve if I want to deodorize my house. You should be notified because the device can only be used in the house, which means it cannot be placed on a car to deodorize the odor inside. That is also one more minus point for the product of not being able to use in many situations.

In the end, I combine both of them

Because of the different pros and cons of these two products that lead me to a decision, I will you both of them to help the house become much cleaner and smell even better than before. When we use these two products simultaneously, for a small place like a bathroom or a closet, we can use the scented wax to eliminate all of the strong odor. These places are always crammed and do not have a lot of windows to release all the smell and bacteria. For a much larger room like the living room or bedroom, we can prioritize the aroma diffuser for relaxing reason only since they have much bigger space to air out the odor and more windows than other rooms. That is just one way to utilize these two products simultaneously; you can try out any different ideas for yourself and decide which one is the best method for you. 

I hope you can find some useful information in this article to find a way to make the house smell good.



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