A house is a great place for people to return for a relaxing moment after a long and hard working day in the office.
Who does not want to enjoy the feeling of comfort when they get home and smell the fresh and good smelling of the house to release all the exhausted in their body. Sometimes, the smell of the moldy wood or the dust which lingering around the room can tune down this great moment of yours a little bit. This is also the reason why I began to research some ways to help us deodorize the house with some simple methods. Today, I will continue to share some of my experience in deodorizing the house for anyone who is having the same dilemma just like me. This article can help you create some basic deodorizing liquid for your room and house with
the help of some natural ingredient which can be found easily in any shops or supermarkets.


For many of us, lemongrass is not something so strange in our life. Asian cuisine like Vietnamese, Malaysian, or Chinese uses this wonderful plant to expels the bad odor of seafood and any kind of food which gives out strong odor. Nowadays, people have learned about this powerful deodorizing property of lemongrass and create a lot of air freshener products based on this savory smell of lemongrass. For any of us, we can also concoct our deodorizing liquid from this bushy plant just with some simple steps. The first step is, of course, you have to buy some lemongrass for yourself. This ingredient can be found in any market or supermarket near your place for the different prize but I recommend you to buy them from the market since the price is cheaper and you can guarantee that the lemongrass is always fresh and new every day. For a small bowl of air deodorizer, you only need from 5 to 6 branches of lemongrass but depend on the size of your house which you can alter the quantity of how many you should buy. The next step is to prepare the lemongrass for our recipe. Use a large cleaver or a pair of pestle and mortar to smash the lemongrass branch to a pulp. This act will help the plant to release even more essential oil inside of its leaf and increase the effect of the recipe. After that, you only need to hang the lemongrass on a high place in your house like the wall or top of any shelves. If you don’t like to climb high, placing the lemongrass in a corner of your room is also an effective method, too. For a small room like the bathroom or the closet, you can chop the lemongrass into tiny pieces then put them in a small bag made from flannel and hang it near the place you want to deodorize. This method has a nice feature that is less consuming space in your house. Now you can take a nice hot bath while enjoying the powerful scent of lemongrass.

There is something which I need to remind us that the scent of lemongrass is not like any fruit scent which I mentioned in the early article. Unlike the scent of orange, lemon, or lavender, lemongrass scent packs a savory yet powerful scent that can eliminate any trace of odor while invigorating your spirit. When you fill your whole room with this scent, you can think of yourself like you are in a luxurious spa shop since the spa always uses lemongrass scent as well.

The duration for this recipe only lasts for a week because the plant will wither and this also reduces the effect of deodorizing. That is why you should prepare the lemongrass every week in advance to replace the old one right away. This is only approximately time depend on how big your room is and where you live since the temperature and climate also played an important part in how long the recipe lasts. In my opinion, I will change the lemongrass after 4 or 5 days so that my room can always have a scent of lemongrass.


Since lemongrass is a very powerful deodorizing ingredient, many famous air freshener brands nowadays also create some new line of product that contains the scent of this plant. Today, I recommend to you some of these products so that you can experience the unique scent of lemongrass by yourself. Below is my favorite product of lemongrass which I randomly found on Amazon before.

Urban natural lemongrass verbena reed Diffuser sticks set

The special thing about this product is that it can release a wonderful aroma which will help you ease the mind and body quickly. If you are a fan of essential oil then this is the perfect solution for you and your house.


My close friend, who is also in love with every kind of essential oil, is the person who recommends this product to me. She told me that back then, her bathroom is very smelly and no matter how hard she tries to clean it, the smell never went away completely. One day, while searching on the Amazon website, she finally came across this exquisite product at a very reasonable price. After reading some of the most positive feedback from another customer who has bought this oil before, she bought it right away and tried the new product in her bathroom. Believe it or not, this essential oil works out like a charm. After just 2 hours of using the oil, the smelly bathroom before had changed completely into a nice and good smelling bathroom.

After her interesting story, I have bought one of these products for myself to try out. I have to say that this product is nice and convenient in many ways. The design of the bottle and the smell of this aroma is one of many things I love about it. The bottle made from pure glass which makes it look so beautiful and elegant. You can see the oil inside of it and see if there is still enough oil to use or not. This is not something that many other brands of essential oil always do since the essential oil bottle supposed to be colorful and eye-catching to attract a buyer. To use a diffuser stick, my friend had to teach me because this is the first time I ever use a product like this. All you have to do is just open the bottle cap and put two or more of the stick into the oil then place it in any places that you desire. The oil will soak the stick and release the aroma out into the air after 5 minutes of waiting. My advice is that you only need to put in three sticks at once is enough to deodorize the entire room because the more of the stick, the faster your oil bottle will be drained. While enjoying some of the miraculous effects from this diffuser stick set, I can list out some of the pros and cons of this product which you can review for yourself, too.

The good points of this diffuser set:

  1. Saving electricity for your house:
    The main point of this product is that it does not consume any volt of power in your house like a diffuser machine. With a machine, you have to use electricity to run it so that you can enjoy a delightful atmosphere in the house. This luxurious relaxing moment can also cost you lots of money for the amount of power which used for the machine. For this diffuser set, you don’t have to use up any power which can be a good thing for your pocket. Besides that, this diffuser set is very convenient since you can place this bottle anywhere you like without worrying about how much space it consumes. Your table will not be used up all by a big machine or the floor does not have any wire which lies everywhere you go.
  2. A long duration of aroma:
    This might be the most successful point of this product compare to any wax air freshener, essential oil air freshener spray, or other fresh products air freshener. Once the straw stick is dipped with the essential oil, the aroma will be released every time the stick is soaked with the oil. The effect only ends if you took out the stick or the oil had run out completely. The first time I use this diffuser set, I almost surprised about how long the aroma lingers in my room. Each second pass and the fragrance will smell even stronger than before. This is not something which I recommend for people who have a sensitive breathing system since the fragrance can sometimes too overwhelm for anyone to breathe so you should stop using the product once your room is fresh and deodorized enough. You can also reduce the number of sticks to lighten the smell a little bit, too.
  3. An elegant look:
    Why do I call this product is an elegant one? In my opinion, everything that has a pure look and sees through glass or crystal always makes me feel like there is something so majestic and luxurious in it. In some famous 5-star restaurants or hotels, they also use crystal or glass furniture like vase, bowl, or chandelier to make the room more luxurious and brighter. My house has white color for the wall so this design of the product matches perfectly with it. The straw stick also has a creamed white color and then put them along with the bottle, my room becomes much more elegant.

Some not-so-good things for this product:

  1. Easy to fall:

Because the product has a tall bottle-shaped which means it is very easy to fall if there is one tremor occur around the table. An example of this matter is that there is one time when placed the bottle on the desk in my room. After that, I accidentally hit my body against the desk and the result is the oil bottle tiptoed. It fell to the floor and the stick flew out of the bottle, making the oil also spilled out, too. Thankfully, the bottle did not shatter but this made me lose some amount of the oil. In my opinion, this kind of situation can be very dangerous when some people have children at home. If this happens to a small child then the result can be tragic since the bottle can hit the child or the oil spill out can damage the eyes of them. I only wish that the product could be made with a more sturdy form so it will not fall just by some shaking.

  1. Cannot be used in other space beside the house:

Since the product requires a flat and stable place to stand which means I cannot use it in an unstable area like in a car. There is one other way in which I think that I could use this product on a car, too. By soaking the stick with essential oil completely and place it in a small tray, I can put it in a car to cleanse the air inside. This method only has one disadvantage which is the duration cannot last long as when I use the product by its main method. The fragrance will run out and there is no way to replenish the oil for the sticks while I am driving my car around. This means that I have to stick with the scented wax commonly use for a car which in my opinion, less effective than the essential oils air freshener.

In general, a diffuser set complete with essential oil and diffuser stick like this one is a nice choice for me. It has many advantages which are more superior to a box of scented wax, although this product still needs some enhancement to reduce the disadvantages of it. If you want to cleanse the air in your room in a more elegant way, try this product by yourself, and experience many great things that it brings to you. For more information about this diffuser set, just use the Amazon website and you will surely find many positive reviews from many customers who have bought the product. I hope you can find this article be useful for your question on how to make the house smelling good.   

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