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Today, I will continue sharing some of my experience and knowledge from my process of caring and maintaining a clean, cool and healthy space for my house. Please scroll down to learn some simple yet marvelous recipe which anyone can do at home.

For me, the most wonderful thing is coming back from the workplace, stepping inside my own room, turn on my favorite tune on the radio while letting loose myself and relax. This moment can be much better if my room or even the whole house has been deodorized, cleaned, cooled and emitted a light sweet aroma which can help to increase relaxing. This is why I have been searching non-stop on any website and document about the method to cleanse and deodorize the air with some help from friends and relatives. These methods are very easy to make from ingredients that you can find in any supermarket or convenience store. All the ingredients are guaranteed to be safe for your health because these are organic materials like lime, lemongrass, lavender, and other herbs, etc. To help you understand more about all kinds of the recipe for deodorizing, I will write each recipe in many articles. In this first article, I want to share my knowledge of how to make air fresheners from a lemon.

air fresheners from a lemon
air fresheners from a lemon

Recipe for deodorizing the house with Lime
Boiling lemons air freshener
This is the first recipe that I ever made when researched the way of cooling our house with natural ingredients. I chose to test this recipe first hand because of it easy to make, save lots of time and have cheap ingredients. Things you need to prepare for the recipe:

·      1 Lime

·      About 300ml of freshwater

·      A small stove

·      A cooking pot

air fresheners from lime
air fresheners from lime

You can find lime in any supermarket or common market near your place. If this is your first try on this recipe, I recommend buying more limes instead of only one so you can try again in case of unpredicted circumstances. Next is water which needs to be fresh to increase the effect of the recipe. You can use a rice bowl to fetch the amount of water more accurately. Only with six bowls of water is enough for 300ml. For the cooking pot, you can use a simple one which you use every day. If you have an aroma diffuser at home, you can use it instead.

After gathering all the ingredients and tools, it is time to prepare the recipe. First, cut the lime in half then slice one half of it into a thin piece. Keep the other half in your fridge for the next time. Put all the lime pieces into the pot filled with 300ml of water and boiled it. Finally, when the water is already boiled, put the pot at any places which you want to deodorize or cleanse. Every week, you can deodorize the house and cool down your house three times. For a small room, you can use the only 300ml of water but with a whole house or larger room, you could add more water about 600-900ml. in case of safety, you should place the hot water pot on a small cloth or wood board to prevent the heat from damage your table surface. Do not place the pot on the floor; instead place the water pot at a high place if you have babies at home for their own safety, too. After 30 minutes, you can feel that your house is much cleaner and cooler than before. When waiting for the steam to be dispersed, I try to lay down for a quick nap or finish any unfinished work. The lime aroma in the air always lifts my spirit higher than ever, make me feel much more refresh.

Lime with baking soda
Another recipe is also very easy to make and use. By combining lime with baking soda powder, you can create a special liquid for house deodorizing.

Lime with baking soda
Lime with baking soda

You can also find baking soda at any supermarkets or stores near your place. In my case, I bought the powder from a local supermarket. The brand name is not a problem since they can be using the same in this recipe. For the number of ingredients, I cannot calculate an accuracy number since it depends on the size of your house, the purpose of using or your own choice. In my experience, I will use the amount of one spoonful of baking soda – 16 bowl of water – two limes. First, you boil the water until it boiled then wait for it to cool down a little bit. After that, you have to mix the baking soda along with putting lime pieces into the water. You can use a spoon to stir the mixture around or put the water into a sprayer and shake it well. When in need of a sprayer, I always recycle an empty aerosol sprayer for this purpose.

In the beginning, I do not have any clue about how much ingredients I have to use for this recipe. The result is that the amount of mixture is so little or so much. I also learn a useful lesson of preparing a sprayer in advance then measuring the capacity of a sprayer. From that, you can calculate a specific amount of water to use for the recipe with other things like how much baking soda to use or how much lime. One more experience for defining the amount which is watching out for how much water you have used. This can help to concoct deodorizing liquid for next time.

I really love this recipe for its deodorizing phase. When I use a pot to prepare this recipe, I have to clean up all the equipment after finish the deodorizing which makes this work is such a burden for me. With a sprayer instead, I can go anywhere in my house and spray the liquid everywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom. Wherever I spray the liquid, the mist will vapor and cool down the house. With only 5 minutes of work, I can be at ease and enjoy a relaxing moment after that.

Glade spray lemon fresh
Like any other office woman, I also have my own pressure of my life such as busy jobs, frequent deadlines, etc. Creating my own deodorizing liquid for my house from organic ingredients is not an easy task for me. This is the reason why I have been researching and also trying every line of air freshener product made from lemon. Here is an example for a lemon air freshener which I especially love – Glade Spray Lemon Fresh.

Glade Spray Lemon Fresh
Glade Spray Lemon Fresh

Basic features of the product:
This line of Glade’s product is a spray-type air freshener. To use this product in the most effective way, all we need to do is push down the button on top of the bottle and an aroma mist will be released to deodorize and cool down the house immediately. When we push down the button, the mist will vapor every whereinto the atmosphere and create a sweet smell around you. Thanks to the aroma mist, your room will become cool and cleanse at its peak.

Some advantages of this product:
All the good points of this air freshener have made feel more than satisfied. Some of the points which I like are:

  • Does not consume any space
  • Can be used in any case
  • Superb deodorizing effect

With a pre-made deodorizing liquid, I don’t have to waste a lot of time to prepare for a home-made liquid or to clean the equipment after all the procedure.
Because this product is a sprayer so I won’t have to work around a lot. Just shake the bottle to regulate the liquid inside then push the upper button to release the mist into the air. I can walk around my house and spray the liquid anywhere I need to clean. This product can be used in every place which gives out bad odor such as a car, a bathroom, etc. This product can handle any kind of strange smell that you can think of.

The thing which I like about this product is the outstanding deodorizing effect. This air freshener has been made with a light and sweet lemon scent which is powerful enough to erase any odor of the room after a long day of use. Although the scent is sweet it is not too strong and poisonous for your health. At night, I can sleep much easier thanks to the fragrance of sweet lemon. At the weekend, whenever my household a family party, I do not need to worry so much about the smell of food and sweat linger around for so long if I use this air freshener. After a long day of hard-working, I can finally relax and enjoy the life I hardly earn along with a cool and fragrant room.

Disadvantages of Glade air fresheners:
Besides all the advantages of this nice product, there are still some minus points that I have to remind about spray-type air fresheners:

  • The convenience when using the product
  • Not long-lasting home fragrance

Because this is a spray-type air freshener, it is mean that they cannot automatically activate by themselves. In fact, it needs my activation to work out its wonderful effect. This means when the house is full of odor, I have to go around the house to spray the entire house to get rid of the smell. This can be troublesome since I do not have much energy to work this out after a tiresome working day.

The basic feature of the spray-type air freshener is to spread the aroma mist into the air. That means the scent cannot stay for so long and will fade away in a short time. Despite the fact that this sweet scent can help me to erase any trace of odor in my house, the lingering duration is especially short. In my opinion, each time I use the product; the house can only keep the sweet scent in approximately three hours. In some days, when the temperature abnormally high or low, the scent disappears even quicker than usual. I always have to keep standing up and repeating the same action to make my room become cleanse again.

Does Glade Spray Lemon Fresh is the best choice for your house?
According to everyone’s opinion about the product, I admit this is the most effective product for cleaning your house. I can move, preserve and use this product in many situations without spare too much money for deodorizing the house. The scent can beat any type of odor in the air like food, bacteria, and mold, etc. This product also helps me to save some money for making my own scented liquid which is not so practical when I am a busy person. It brings along a scent of nature that can make my body feel relax and my mind at ease.

However, I will buy some scented gel air freshener and natural essential oil for air freshener to use along with the spray-type air freshener. In that way, they can combine their use to make my house always smell fresh and sweet anytime. Every product has its own pros and cons but this doesn’t mean they are not a good and trustable product. After all, I guarantee the effectiveness of the Glade air freshener line can bring to you a new experience just like it did for my life.

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