How long does it take to air out a room?


Recently, some of my readers and even my colleagues have asked me this particular question. This is also the first question I encountered at the beginning of my research about keeping the house smelling good. When you have to wait for your room to clean out the bad odor, opening the window is very frustrating, especially if the room is filled with a mixture of smells from dirty clothes, half-eaten food, and dust. I trust that you also have the same feeling when staying in this kind of situation, too. That is when all the air-freshener products come in handy, but you also wonder how long these products take to erase the bad smell in your house completely. That is also why I write this article to help you solve the question which makes you hesitate to buy a suitable air-freshener for your home. Like before, I will share information about some of my favorite products with you so you can have a better idea of the product and its features.


The truth is, there is not a specific answer to this question. Not even me or any air freshener producer can give out the right answer since it depends on many aspects around the house, such as weather, climate, or even temperature inside and outside your home. Sometimes, it also depends on your feeling about the atmosphere and how much you trust the product you bought. Imagine this; the deodorizing task is just like when you use some skincare products to moisturize your own body. Your skin also affected by the environment around you or the job you currently have. That is why the effect and how the product works out is different from people to people. Cleaning products act like this with your house, too. Depend on the size of your room or the cleanliness of the place, the effect of your air-freshener can vary in many ways. Even if you owned a product that many people have called it the best home fragrance products, its impact could be different in many cases. This is the reason why after using any air-freshener, I have learned a lesson that the advertisement on the internet or the review from many customers is just from a different point of view. We do not need to judge a product by some experience of other people, but we also have to try the product out by ourselves. That is when you know how to adjust the product to fit with any situation in the house. 

One more thing is that you don’t need to worry so much about how the product is going to work, or does it can make your room smell good fast enough. This will make you have a lot of pressure for yourself and result in many bad habits. This happened to me once before when I bought my first air fresheners for the house. At that time, I was anxious about if this can help me get rid of the odor lingered in my room or not. After that, when I used the product, another question appears out of nowhere in my head about the lingering time of the aroma because I felt like the smell of this air-freshener is too light that I may not enough to erase all the odor. All of this thinking made me feel uneasy and gave me even more pressure back then, not right for something like this. Then I bought a lot more of other products to test out which one has the best effect on all of them. The amount of these products I owned back then is enough to fill up a small cupboard. This cost me with money and time for doing such a pointless thing like this, and the result is that I had to give out these air-fresheners as a gift for my friends or colleagues to free some space in my house. This is why you should think of the deodorizing task for the house is like some sort of relaxing activity for yourself and get away from all the stressful moments in your life and your job.

These are just some of my personal experiences, which I have encountered in the past. I hope that it will give you enough information to alleviate your worry about the effect of air-freshener products. My advice is to relax and enjoy the fresh and delightful aroma of these beautiful products without worrying about anything. That can help you experience all the best features of your air-freshener you have chosen for your house. If you have reached this part, then keep scrolling down to the next part of this article. I will introduce another one of my favorite products to you, which can be the best choice for your liking.

How to air out a room

Glade 2-in-1 Candle Air Freshener, Hawaiian Breeze and Vanilla Passion Fruit

This one particular product is the most suitable one for a cold and chilly winter night. The product is a scented candle that uses the heat to release the sweet scent of Hawaiian hibiscus and the tangy smell of passion fruit. I always bring this candle with me on any trip to a cold region like in Japan or London since I am not a person who accustomed to the cold weather. When I am in a well-heated hotel room, I always light up some of these candles and imagine living in Hawaii. The scent is not just the only aspect to create this feeling but also the candle’s heat. I also use this small product for any of the rooms inside my house to deodorize the place and make me feel this special atmosphere of Hawaii again at any time.

The size of this product is something that I like about it. I can place it at any location to use it or to decorate my house with it since it is a small glass cup with colorful candles lies inside it. The candle’s color matches perfectly with the smell it gives out, purple color of the passion fruit with the warm orange section to represent the hibiscus flower, a type of flower unique to a tropical land…

scented candle
scented candle

Using this scented candle when you are taking a friendly and warm bath after a day full of stressful work, the frequent deadline is something that can only be described as pure heaven. Imagine this; it is a Friday night after you came back from your job. You go into the bathroom and turn on the water for a warm bath, and when the water is full, you put in some orchid petals to make this bathtub a little bit colorful. After you drop in some of your favorite soap for use in the tub, you light up the scented candle and put it near the edge while the music of your favorite song is playing gently from the speaker in your bedroom. When you are ready with everything, you need to stroll into the bathtub and relax your whole body in the warm water while the scent from the candle making you feel like the entire bathroom is filled with a jungle blooming of a tropical flower. You take a deep breath and enjoy this atmosphere as much as you can and rest your eyes for a bit. This relaxing moment is something you can achieve with just a tiny bit of effort at home better than any spa you had visited before. All of these beautiful things pack inside a small cup of a candle. 

In my opinion, this little product has many special features and also some disadvantages which you need to remind.

Advantages which make me feel satisfied:

  1. A unique scent for air freshener:

Before using this candle, other air fresheners that I have used to have a strong scent that sometimes makes me feel a little bit dizzy, although I like other products equally, this candle gives me a whole new delightful scent since the aroma of it is light and has a natural feel. A combination of passion fruit and hibiscus flower can bring the entire natural world into your house after you light it after just a few seconds.

  1. Have many uses:

Since this is a scented candle, the warm come from it not only sweetens the air around you but also warms the atmosphere on a cold day. This is very significant compared to other air fresheners, which only deodorizes the air but does not have any use other than that.

  1. Highly vaporization:

After using this product for a week, I can only say that the aroma from this candle can be last for a very long time even after blowing it off. The scent can last for 1 hour long in the air making this product is one of the most efficient air fresheners.

Disadvantages that you need to be careful:

  1. Highly flammable product:

Since this is a candle, it also has the same problem with any fire-related products. You have to be extremely cautious when using the candle if you have small children or pets like dogs or cats at home. The candle can be felt down and cause some serious injure for your child or lovely pet if they knock it off the high table. In the worst case, this can create fire at home and destroy properties at a high level of damage.

  1. Cannot be used in some specific area:

As I mentioned above, this scented candle cannot be used in areas with a high risk of fire, like a room full of flammable objects or inside a car. A car is also a place where you should never use this product because of the boxy space of it can create a place lack of fresh air. Also, the car interior contains a lot of flammable objects like the seat and the floor that can catch fire easily and, in the worst case, can cause significant damage for the car and the driver.

In general, I think this cute little product is the most suitable one for people who want an air freshener with many uses combine with an exotic smell. Besides that, the scented candle has a high deodorization level that no other products can compare with it. If you want a romantic atmosphere inside your house, this candle can be your choice.

I hope that this article can help you resolve how long an air freshener can take to cleanse your room and some new information about some exciting products in this field. If you want to know more about cleaning products such as homemade air freshener spray with essential oils, gel air freshener, and necessary oils air freshener, you can find my previous articles from this website, too. Thank you for taking the time to read this small article. 

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