Welcome back, dear reader, to another one of my excellent articles about the air freshener. Today topic we will talk about different air freshener machine types that can help you a lot in the deodorizing task of your house. Since these machines are trendy nowadays, I will not introduce more detail about them, but let’s talk about what we should know when choosing the right tool for you. Let’s not delay the topic any further, and we will go straight to the main subject of our text today.



Air freshener machine is not some things so unfamiliar with many of us housewives, especially if you are someone who loves the aroma of these fresh products air freshener. Thanks to their incredible effect, our house became a place full of fragrance and fresh air every day. Anyone of you and that also include me will try to research these machines to help us clean our houses and make the place more elegant than before. Knowing this demand, many producers and companies are trying to create lots of designs for the air freshener machine with many types of functions. Since there are many air freshener machine types, choosing the wrong one is something you can encounter when buying. In this part, I will share with you some of my experiences on how to select a perfect machine for yourself without any risks. These experiences are just some trivia information which I learned from the internet, and some are from my relative and colleague, if you have any more information about this topic, please share with us so that we can learn some things new for ourselves, too.

Choosing the right machine for the size of your house

As I mentioned before in my previous article, one of the aspects that decide the air freshener machine’s quality is that the size can change fir with the space in your room or not. Imagine this; if my room is small and does not have much space, then a big and bulky machine is not the choice. It makes my room even more modest, less of the area to use for other reasons, and makes me feel oppressed and does not make me feel relax. It should not be something that we need to explore every time we come back from work. A spacious room and does not have so many items is truly a place for us to feel calm and comfortable.

Some of you also have this question: how we can verify the size of these air freshener machines so that we can choose correctly. It is not something so complicated to grasp for ourselves. The first thing is you have to research carefully the products which you want to buy. Try to use the images you find on the internet to determine the machine’s size, especially pictures of the device compared with other items around it. Then you compare the image with your room so you can see for yourself if this is suitable enough for the space in your office or not. Imagine that if you want a big machine, you should measure the size of the area you want to put it in and compare it with the image you found; always save off some spare space since you do not want to use up all the area the machine only. Try to leave some opening to make the room still spacious enough to have a much more comfortable place than stuff everything close together, which can make the room smaller than before. You can also come to the shop and judge the machine’s size in there so that you can have a better view of the product itself. Doing some window shopping is an excellent way to understand more about what you want to buy for the house and choose the right one.

Experience the product right at the shop

When you lounge around an electronic shop, if you decide to buy an air freshener machine, then you should not buy the product base on the look or the introduction from the seller alone. Just like any other electronic product, you should test it out at the shop to see if the product is working in order or not. You don’t want to buy a machine with some flaw inside it like a stiff wire or broken circuit since you have to bring them to a repair shop or fix it by yourself, which is even harder work. It reminds me about my first time when I bought an aroma diffuser from a shop I could not remember the name anymore. When I saw the machine the first time, the colorful light and the lovely design made me fell in love with it. After buying the device for not so long, it started to have any problems with the working system. No matter how many times I fix it, the problem never stops. After just three months, I had to throw the diffuser away while regretting my poor choice back then.

My advice for this is that you should ask the seller to test the machine first to see how it works. If you have any questions about the device, you better talk with the seller immediately to know more about the product. When you cannot trust the seller that much, my advice is to ask the people around you (friends, relatives, colleagues, etc.) who also bought the same product, their recommendation can sometimes be trusted more than anything you find out there.

Research about the price of each item

When you want to buy something, the thing you care about the most is the item’s price. No matter where you came from, rich or average, the price always plays a vital role in choosing a topic. The same is applying for air freshener products, too. Since these air fresheners machines come with various types, they also come with different prices. When you buy a tool for your house, you should carefully research the cost to see if your money pocket can fit with it or not. People say that an item’s quality is often equated with its price, but this is sometimes not entirely true. You should not invest your money in something too expansive because the class has been advertised as really good and extraordinary. Try to find an item at a reasonable price with a suitable function for your lifestyle is what you need to remember when buying an air freshener machine. Using your money wisely is the best way to follow for your life, too. 


I don’t have much idea to give you about the best air freshener machine nowadays. The good and bad things about each product depend on each person using it and different situations. I can only recommend some of my favorite products that I had used and experienced its best. Today, since we are talking about an electric air freshener device, I want to introduce a product with a name that is relatively new to everyone. It is called Aroma diffuser of Home, and this small device can help you a lot in the deodorizing house.


Thanks to the motion sensor air freshener, this aroma diffuser can deodorize your entire room. Imagine like this, when you get back home from a long day of hardworking, you go for a hot and nice shower to wash away all the dirt and tired on your body. Then you turn on the diffuser and grab your favorite book or switch on the song you love on the phone. After that, time for sit down to a sofa and relax your mind and body while feeling the sweet fragrance come from the device, there is nothing better than a moment like that. The aroma oil of this product also comes with many different flavors, from the exotic smell of lemongrass to the tangy and sour smell of orange. Each of these smells can give you the various feeling that makes you think that you are living among the natural world itself. These aroma oils do not have a very strong smell that sometimes can make you feel ill and dizzy but only make you enjoy a light smell that can erase any fatigue in every corner of your body. On choosing oil suitable for the diffuser, I will leave that for another article someday. For now, I am going to focus more on the strong and weak points of this beautiful device.

The good points which I love

  • Complete with many functions

One of the many things that I like about this device is that it has many useful functions for your house and even your beauty. The machine can air out your room with the fragrance while making your facial beauty enhanced much more than ever. The aroma oil of this product contains many types of nutrition, which can boost your skin features like vitamins, moisture, etc. If you only use some pure massage oil for your face alone, you have to do the massage work all by yourself, which can be tired and not so practical for those who don’t have much time to spare. With this machine, the oil can be released into the air and deodorize your room while being absorbed into your skin directly without doing anything else. In my case, I don’t have much time for myself to go to a spa shop and to fix my appearance so often like anyone else. Thanks to this device, my skin had been kept with smoothness and lightness, just like I have used treatment from a beauty shop, but I am not. Different aroma oils will provide you with many types of nutrition like orange oil can provide you with Vitamin C, and the oxidized reagent or grape oil will give your skin some moisture if you have dry skin.

  • Replace the bedside lamp

I am not afraid of the dark, but sometimes I will leave my bedside lamp on to create some cozy feeling when going to sleep. Since this bedside lamp’s light is too bright for me to make me feel sleepier on the bed, I can use the colorful but hazy light of this diffuser to make the room feel warm and cozy. This machine’s light comes with seven colors of red, green, blue, indigo, yellow, purple, and orange. You can keep the sun shine in one specific color or make it change simultaneously just by switching the mode switch.

Some bad points that I am not happy with:

  • Consume electricity

Since this is an electronic device, it will consume a not so small amount of power in your house. Because this machine uses up a lot of energy, you can only use it in some particular case when you need to relax after a very stressful day of work. Calculate the amount of electricity when using this device is something which you won’t like enough if you are somewhat lazy and don’t want to think a lot about complicated things.

  • Expansive essential oils air freshener:

This machine uses the essential oil air freshener diffuser to deodorize the house, so you have to spend some money to buy an oil bottle from the shop, too. The price of natural oil like the one I use right now is not so low for people with low income but want to enjoy a life full of great smell. 


In general, all of these minus points that I list up there is all about how this machine can cost you with some expense which can be a trouble. But for leisure to enjoy the fresh air and some treatment for your beauty, this is just a thing you can endure. When you have to spend money on treatment at some spa or buying beauty products to care for your look and finding the best way to make the house smell good, this machine is the answer for combining the two tasks in one. Instead of those work, you can spend the same amount of cash doing the two jobs simultaneously. Based on my opinion alone, this device is something that you should try out to discover many hidden benefits lay inside of it.   

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